Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Girls' morning

"Good morning, sis!"

"Help me do my hair?"

"I love you."

The pictures are not the best quality. I haven't had time to take them out and try a proper photoshoot with the dolls yet. But they are so cute and awesome and it is hard not to take them out and just play with them even for a few minutes in the evening :)


My new-old miniature obsession: Asian ball-jointed dolls. I first discovered them back in 2005 or so but was a poor university student and could not afford them. Now I have three! And they are wonderful and I'm so glad that I am now in a position to indulge my dollie habit.

Winter is a Delf Kid Aru.

Calliope is an Iplehouse JID Tania.

Ilia is a Soulkid Shaun.

Aren't they awesome?!

I only have a handful of basic clothing for them (and nothing that really fits Ilia! His limbs are so long...) but I'm going to start sewing them stuff. I haven't sewn in ages so this will be a fun challenge.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bennett is all done :)

Yesterday night I decided that the broken piece I glued together was strong enough to work with and finally finished building the Bennett. I had some trouble with unclear directions but was able to finish in about an hour. It looks so good!

I put a few piece of furniture in to get an idea of what I want the different rooms to be. All my furniture is 1:12 scale, however, so it looks a little off. I originally intended to purchase the brince dada furniture sets for the house but I'm a little hesitant at the moment. I still haven't heard back from the company in response to my e-mails about the Bennett, and I've read a few reviews where the furniture sets have also arrived damaged. I don't really want to deal with another replacement piece situation.

I really can't deny the gorgeousness of this house though. I just stare at it and sigh...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Waiting, waiting...

E-mailed Brinca Dada a second time but still no word about replacement pieces for the Bennett. This is probably a really busy time of year for them so I'll give it until the new year before contacting them again. I'm not super thrilled with this level of customer service but I am all for giving multiple chances. I did do some Googling, however, and found out that there have been others who experienced a significant time lag in receiving their replacement pieces for the Emerson.

I tried to glue one of the broken pieces with wood glue but the broken part is so heavy that it fell off. I've gone out to get a very strong glue to try again but I'm nervous because this is the main piece for Side A of the Bennett. The break goes right through several screw holes and I'm not convinced that it'll be able to support this side of the house. Also, the paint has chipped away along the break and it's super visible even when glued together.

Anyway, I have faith that I will receive my replacement pieces and will eventually have a complete and perfect Bennett! I went to Victoria a few weeks ago and visited my favorite miniatures store - Victoria Miniland. Alex, the owner, is a lovely, helpful man, and he sold me some shiny little minis that I have set up in the living room on Side B of the Bennett. Just having a few pieces of furniture in the rooms makes me so excited for the whole house! I can't wait to keep working on it. I shall post pictures when I get back to my other computer.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My new bundle of joy has arrived!

My Bennett by Brinca Dada arrived last Thursday, all shiny and new. I wanted to start on it Friday morning but couldn't find a Philips screwdriver anywhere in the house. Finally got around to it on Sunday only to discover that the main structural piece for Side A was broken. Still waiting to hear back from Brinca Dada about a replacement. In the meantime, I built Side B. It took about 45 minutes, and most of that was spent trying to peel the protective sheet off of the windows. That stuff is stuck on good. But it looks awesome and I can't wait to have the whole house built. Still haven't decided how I'm going to furnish and decorate but I'm thinking along the lines of something Blair Waldorf-inspired...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dusting off the old blog...

My last post was a couple years ago now and I'm sad to say that my Garfield has sat largely untouched. We moved a few months ago and I finally set up my dollhouse room. I finished assembling the base and two outer walls, as well as the two staircases. I feel like I need to get some of the painting done before I start assembling the next floor, which means I've spent the past month just staring at the house and not actually working on it.

It doesn't help that I've fallen in love with the new Bennett House from Brinca Dada and am starting to look more seriously at the modern dollhouse world. I love how clean and open the modern dollhouses are and I wish I had known about their existence years ago when I first started purchasing dollhouses and miniatures. I still have plans for my Garfield that will incorporate quite a bit of modernity, however, so I am completely set on continuing with it.

In the meantime, here is a picture of my new love.

Saturday, January 3, 2009