Monday, January 2, 2012

Bennett is all done :)

Yesterday night I decided that the broken piece I glued together was strong enough to work with and finally finished building the Bennett. I had some trouble with unclear directions but was able to finish in about an hour. It looks so good!

I put a few piece of furniture in to get an idea of what I want the different rooms to be. All my furniture is 1:12 scale, however, so it looks a little off. I originally intended to purchase the brince dada furniture sets for the house but I'm a little hesitant at the moment. I still haven't heard back from the company in response to my e-mails about the Bennett, and I've read a few reviews where the furniture sets have also arrived damaged. I don't really want to deal with another replacement piece situation.

I really can't deny the gorgeousness of this house though. I just stare at it and sigh...

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Mini Dork said...

Congrats! It's a gorgeous house. Sorry to hear you couldn't get the replacement part you needed. The 1:12 pieces don't look that bad. You could always buy 3/4 scale from other vendors and use that.